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Finding a reliable cleaning company for your Shopping Centre can be challenging. We know that as a centre manager, your time is precious and we don’t want to waste it.

You need a reliable cleaning company that doesn’t only talk about quality, but provides it.

Someone you can trust and that you don’t need to constantly monitor and watch.

You are looking for a shopping centre cleaning company that will assure you and will help you save time and money!

We have good news for you. Not all cleaning companies are the same!

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Our solution to the

Typical Cleaning Problems

Many common issues arise when a shopping centre managers decides to work with a generic cleaning company

Attention to Details

Often companies fail to perform regular tasks at high standards and many details are ignored: dusty handrails, dirty corners, molded sinks. There is nothing worst than a job half done!

The common Area cleaner staff prides itself of not leaving any stone unturned. We take care of every single detail and maintain the highest standards. All sites are regularly inspected with audit report sent to shopping centre managers and stakeholders.

Periodic jobs should be a regular appointment

How many times did you have to remind your cleaners to clean windows, steam carpets, high-pressure wash or high dust? We understand that time is money and we don’t want you to waste yours.

Our fees include all periodic cleaning jobs, so the whole premises are looked after at all times. We offer our clients a choice of complimentary windows cleaning or carpet steam cleaning once a year.

Time for leaning, time for cleaning

Are your cleaners disappearing before the time agreed? Did you ever catch them wasting time and taking extra breaks when they are supposed to be working?

That doesn’t happen with us. We use a quality management App called swept (, which can track the time of staff on a job using mobile GPS capabilities.

You have a  direct line with us

Communication between cleaners, shopping centre managers and stakeholders is often a problem and it can deteriorate a healthy relationship.

You always have a direct line open with Common Area Cleaner. Using our App, staff, managers and stakeholders can communicate in real-time. With a move of your thumb, you can share images, communicate issues and report problems.

You can trust us  when in need

Emergency cleaning can be very expensive. We understand that things “just happen” and sometimes you need the job done, no questions asked.

We are the friends that you can trust in the moment of need. We offer 1 free emergency cleaning per month.

The Modern Way
to Manage Quality

We believe that you shouldn’t have to worry about the quality of the job when it comes to your shopping centre cleaning.

That’s why we chose a partner to do the heavy lifting for us and take the stress out of your shoulders.

We use an innovative App to:

  • Organize staff schedules and shifts
  • Track the staff’s time at work using mobile GPS capabilities
  • Measure performance with real-time evaluations from the centre manager
  • Support our cleaners with real-time instructions and checklists
  • Speed up communication between property managers, cleaners and cleaning managers
  • Track and manage supplies
  • Automatically translate instructions to cleaners in their preferred language
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