Shopping centre cleaning

We get it, managing a whole shopping centre is stressful. Managing supplies, making sure maintenance is up to standards, looking after retailers, managing security.

There are so many tasks that keep you busy, you don’t want to be also worrying about your Shopping centre cleaning.

We can’t help you with the other tasks, but we can assure you that you won’t have to worry about the cleaning standards of your retail centre!

We have found a solution

to all the common cleaning problems

Many common issues can deteriorate the relationship between a facility manager or retail centre director and a cleaning company.

Details make the difference

Often details are left behind by cleaners. Things like dusty skirts, dirty corners, mould in toilets are often forgotten. There is nothing worst of a job half done!

We don’t forget about periodic jobs

Some periodic jobs like cleaning the windows, steaming the carpets or high-pressure washing are often forgotten by cleaners and the customers have to constantly remind them. We understand your time is valuable, and we don’t want you to waste it.

Time for leaning, time for cleaning

Are your cleaners checking out before the end of the shift or wasting time that they are supposed to be spending cleaning?

Communication is the base to a healthy relationship

A good working relationship between customer and cleaning company can quickly deteriorate if the communication is poor.

In an emergency, we are there for you

In case of an emergency, you don’t want to have to worry about the price of cleaning. Sometimes you just need to job done!

The common Area Cleaner staff never leaves anything behind. All sites are regularly inspected with audit report sent to facility managers to maintain the highest standards at all times.

Our fees include all periodic cleaning jobs, so the whole premises are looked after. We offer our clients complimentary windows cleaning or carpet steam cleaning once a year.

Our quality management App called Swept (, allows us to track staff on a job, manage their schedule, communicate and report.

We offer one free emergency clean per month, giving you the ease of mind you need and a reliable help.

We are the friends that you can trust in the moment of need. We offer 1 free emergency cleaning per month.


shopping centre cleaning

We believe that you shouldn’t have to worry about the quality of the job when it comes to your common areas and shopping centre cleaning. That’s why we chose a partner to do the heavy lifting for us and take the stress out of your shoulders.

We use an innovative App to:

  • Organize staff schedules and shifts
  • Track the staff’s time at work using mobile GPS capabilities
  • Measure performance with real-time evaluations from the Shopping Centre manager
  • Support our cleaners with real-time instructions and checklists
  • Speed up communication between property managers, cleaners and cleaning managers
  • Track and manage supplies

Automatically translate instructions to cleaners in their preferred language

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No Shopping Centre Cleaning Job Is Too big or small

Whether your Shopping centre or is a smaller block of a few units or a multi-storey building, we tailor our services and packages on your specific needs, delivering the best value you can ask for.

We trust you will love it

We price beat any written quote by 15%

Why Trust Us?

There are a lot of good reasons why you should choose Common Area services. Let’s see.

Quick Response

Time is money. Especially with someone who is managing a retail store or an entire shopping centre, time is even more precious. We totally understand your feelings, since we are running a business, too. 

That is why at Common Area, we never keep you waiting for a reply. Once you send a question or ask to arrange an appointment, you will be replied in seconds. Similarly, we always strive to save your time while providing our service. We promise to meet the deadline set by your will.

Friendly Staff

Every member of our company is well-trained based on professional standards. They are taught about key customer service skills such as patience, attentiveness, willingness to learn, etc. Rest assured that you will have great experience at Common Area then.

We take pride in our friendly staff and excellent customer service; so if there are any questions or concerns, just contact us right away so that we can help you as soon as possible.

Well-trained Employees

Our mission is to maintain optimal hygiene for premises, particularly shopping centres, that are being used by thousands of people on a daily basis. To undertake that mission, we make sure our cleaners are trained to know what exactly they need to do. They are able to do the job efficiently regardless of the size and state of your workplace.

Our industrial cleaners will not suddenly become lazy for two reasons. First, they are trained not to do that. Second, there are managers responsible for monitoring their performance. At the end of the cleanup, we will check the centre carefully to guarantee optimal results that we promise to deliver in the beginning.

Quality Equipment

At Common Area service, our cleaners use quality commercial equipment to work as effectively as possible.

At the same time, we ensure safety for you, your employees, as well as the visitors by taking an eco-friendly approach to cleaning. Unlike some cheap companies that use strong chemical products to clean, we use effective solutions that contain natural detergents only. No worries about toxic chemicals or harsh fumes if you decide to use the shopping centre cleaning service at Common Area.

Full Insurance

We take the security and confidentiality of our clients serious; therefore, our industrial cleaners are fully insured. Also, we have conducted strict police tests and background checks on all of our members. We only hire employees who are honest, friendly, and dedicated to providing a full range of commercial cleaning services.

What Exactly Will Common Area Do For Your Shopping Centre

Clean the floor

A brand-new floor gives a positive atmosphere at your shopping centre, but how to keep your floor like-new even after a long time in use? The answer is professional maintenance.

At Common Area, we clean and restore your floor to its original conditions using top-quality flooring products. That way, your floor not only remains clean without dirt and spillage, but also stands up to damage caused by external factors.

Clean the signage

Signs play an important role in public places, including a shopping centre. You need to keep the signage always clean and visible to your visitors. However, some cleaners often ignore signage, which is a huge mistake.

The case is different at Common Area. Here we make sure your signs are always spotlessly clean by removing dust and dirt stuck on the surfaces frequently.

Empty the trash bins

If the trash bins are not emptied regularly, they will give off a foul smell and cause discomfort to everyone stepping into the shopping centre. At the same time, a dirty bin will attract maggots, flies, and even rodents! You certain don’t want the presence of these animals at your fabulous store, right?

Not many people like emptying and relining the trash bins, but the cleaners at Odyssey are always willing to do so to keep the trash bins at your shopping centre always clean.

Sanitize public areas

It is important to satinize public areas, especially places where people often gather such as lifts, lobby, and many more. During the cleanup, we will clean and disinfect these spaces regularly.

Clean the restroom

The restroom is quick to get dirty, so we will clean and sanitize often to keep it hygienic and odor-free. If required, our cleaners will also replace bathroom supplies, including toilet tissue, hand soap cleansers, hand towels, etc. Of course, we provide supplies from reliable brands with quality assurance, namely Kimberly-Clark, BIO, Enzyme Wizard, DEB and Calfarme.

Clean the carpets

Don’t wait until your carpet looks dirty to finally clean it, since it is beyond dirty then. Instead, try to clean the carpet regularly to improve the overall air quality at your shopping centre.

For no additional charge, we use commercial machines to take good care of your carpets. The entire process involves vacuuming, removing spills, and restorative cleaning. We make sure your carpets look spotless afterwards.

Common Area even offers customized carpet care and routine carpet cleaning service.

Clean the window

Window panes add an elegant touch to buildings; therefore, keeping the windows clean is an important task. 

Nonetheless, cleaning the windows is time-consuming and dangerous. You will need professional help, and Common Area service is the right choice.

As a window cleaning service provider, we use quality tools and equipment to carry out the task and deliver shining window panes at the end of the day. On top of that, we are willing to customize our services to meet your specific needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of cleaning services offered at Common Area company?

Shopping centre cleaning aside, we also offer office cleaning, window cleaning, carpet cleaning. In addition, we will provide washroom supplies on demand. All services are conducted by our experienced and well-trained cleaners to ensure the best results you expect.

Are the cleaners at Odyssey trustworthy?

Of course, yes, you can trust our ethical employees to clean your shopping centre. We make sure 100% of our cleaners have undergone background tests so no worries. But if you do feel worried (which is common), you can always keep an eye on our members while they are doing the job.

Is shopping centre cleaning service at Odyssey affordable?

We don’t claim that our services are the cheapest out there in Melbourne. Instead of trying to lower the price as much as possible, we invest efforts in enhancing the quality to achieve a balance between price and performance. In other words, you will get your money’s worth.

Our cleaning services have competitive prices starting from only $44, including GST. We offer great deals occasionally, and lucky for you, there are chances to get a deal at the moment. Contact us now to get 15% off your quote and use first week of service free of charge!

What makes you a better choice compared to other commercial cleaning companies?

It is the fact that we always strive to meet your expectations. We take the time to customize a suitable approach to your demands and only assigned experienced cleaners to do the job. If there any chances you are not satisfied with Common Area, we will give you a free service or a refund.

Clean Is Our Middle Name

Clean is our middle name, and we strive to make it the middle name of your shopping centre, too. Give Odyssey commercial cleaning service a try right now or regret later. A spotless shopping centre is just one call away. Contact us now!

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