A Modern way to Control

Quality and Efficiency

We identified the common issues that undermine

relationships between clients and cleaning companies.

To guarantee our clients a stress-free reliable service, we partnered with a powerful tool that helps us manage, monitor and communicate with our staff.

“Swept” is an app designed appositively to ease the communication between clients and cleaning managers.

At the tip of your thumb you’ll have the power to send reports, share images and communicate with us in real-time

No more cleaners gone missing

How many times did you experience cleaners leaving the premises before the time on their schedule was up? With Swept we are able to track the time that our cleaner spend on duty.

In addition, the incredible scheduling capabilities of the App eliminate the risk of confusion around schedules. Your cleaners will always be there on time, ready for action.

Overcome any language barrier

Swept allows us to automatically translate instructions in the cleaner’s preferred language.

This way we avoid any risk of miscommunication and the job is always done at it’s best! No more lost pieces of information or missing details!

Mood reporting

We care deeply about our staff. With its “Mood Reporting” functionality, Swept allows our cleaners to let us know how they are feeling.

When there is a problem, we always know it first

Swept’s problem reporting feature lets us find out about a problem right away. By the time it get’s to you, we have already actioned it!

Never run out of supplies

What’s worst than a cleaner not being able to complete a job because of shortage of supplies?

Swept lets us track the level of stock, order on the go and replenish supplies easily!

Client’s messaging

What makes communication perfect? Speed, efficiency and response rate.

With Swept you can communicate with us in real-time. No more endless back-and-forth emails!

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