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Cleaning Services

The common area cleaner offers a range of cleaning services to suit your needs and requirements.

Some things we do include:

  • Showroom cleaning
  • Office cleaning
  • Medical centre cleaning
  • School and University cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • End of lease cleaning
  • Gym cleaning
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We do things differently.

Our main goal is to solve the typical problems that customers have with cleaning companies.

  • Attention to details slipping away
  • Periodic jobs being forgotten
  • Cleaners disappearing before time
  • Bad communication between cleaners and clients
  • Expensive emergency cleaning

We have found a solution to each of these problems, addressing them one by one with an innovative approach and a proactive mindset.

Our solutions are:

  • Regular inspections and audit reports are sent to customers
  • All periodic jobs are included in our fees
  • We use an App to track the time at work of our cleaners
  • The App allows real time communication between clients and cleaners
  • We offer one free emergency cleaning a month
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