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Commercial Cleaning

No spaces are too hard to clean! Common Area Cleaner provides bespoke commercial cleaning solutions to premises of all scope and scale. In compliance with Victorian Health & Safety regulations, we aim to deliver consistently high-quality cleaning service to your business or workspace, as well as enhance an environmentally optimal experience.

What we do

Common Area Cleaner’s clients are the partners that make the work we do possible. We understand the social and economic forces currently shaping healthy and hygienic concerns and their impact on working environment. Our approach is not simply about ticking a box. We provide cleaning solutions tailored to our clients to ensure a professional and cost effective service.

We provide the following services:

We work closely with our clients to ensure clarity of purpose, scope of service and budget. No matter at what time of the day you need our service, we are flexible with any day and time of the week by providing a 24/7 service across Melbourne.

As we move forward to environmental sustainability, our use of non-toxic and ecofriendly products and techniques ensures a healthy and safe working environment and offer a neat and organized place to work.

Our People

We take our clients’ security and confidentiality seriously. Therefore our cleaners are fully insured, police checked and well trained. As part of our training, prospective workers are required to undertake the following:

  • Codes of Ethics training
  • Health and Safety Procedures training
  • Security and Emergency Procedures training
  • Skills Assessment

We have invested heavily in our people therefore we have these guarantees:

  • All staff is police checked
  • All staff is reference checked
  • All staff is fully trained and skilled to perform the job
  • All staff is updated with the industrial legislations

Commercial Cleaning

Common Area Cleaner is proud to offer professional commercial cleaning services across Melbourne. Whether your business is a gym, sporting arena, bowling alley, gaming centre or any other environment, it’s important to maintain your facilities and equipment clean, bacteria-free and safe to use. As commercial cleaners with many years of experience and well established training procedure, we will help you compliant with all regulations with customised services to all equipment and facitlities.

Body Corporate Cleaning | Strata Cleaning

Common Area Cleaner has extented it’s services and specialized in body corporate and strata cleaning. Our solutions are tailored to office buildings, apartment blocks and public spaces. We know that hygenic means more than just clean. Our cleaning team can ensure a safe, sanitized and fresh environment to building of all sizes at a competitive price.

Contact us now to get the most appropriate quote for your Body Corporate.

Shopping Centres

Keeping your shopping centre sparkling clean and sanitized requires expertise and experience. Common Area Cleaner is one of the top cleaning service providers for department and leisure centres. Our 24/7 services are available any day and time of the week, depending on your requirements. We use the latest technologies to ensure fast and reliable services as well as specific machinery to assure you with the shiniest mirror and most polished floor. Our equipment is always kept up to date and our staff is trained on workplace health and safety procedures in compliance with all regulations. Our sanitation services extend to commercial workplaces across Australia and include feminine hygiene bins, nappy disposal, and hand washing and drying.